Road and Driveway Construction

hps-road-driveway1Do you need a private road or driveway built?  Do you have storm damage to your private road or driveway that needs repaired?  We have the equipment and expertise to help you! 

HPS Construction, Inc. has built hundreds of miles of private road throughout the Northwest. We build roads to remote cell tower sites, homes on the sides of hills and mountains and pump stations miles from a public road. We have the equipment necessary to build the most difficult and remote roads.

Our equipment includes: 80,000 lb. excavator, 50,000 lb. excavator, 20,000 lb. excavators, mini excavators, dump trucks, loaders, dozers and a grader. If you need a road built, we can do it! We build roads from start to finish. We will install the drainage and culverts, the base rock, the top course of rock required for your road and we will grade it so that it will last.

hps-road-driveway2Heavy storms have damaged many private roads and driveways in the Northwest so far during the winter of 2015-2016.  HPS Construction, Inc. can help you rebuild your road to last.  Do you need drainage and culverts repaired?  We can help.  Do you have portions of road that have washed out that need to be rebuilt?  We can do that. 

Regardless of the damage that you’ve experienced, call us at 503-357-4307 or email us at and we will make a free site visit and talk you through your options.